Meet HoB

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Allow me to introduce myself;

I am Kc. I am 28 years old and I am a freelance writer who took the biggest leap, in the face of a global pandemic, to walk my life path with confidence and trust – in divine timing and freedom of space. Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my depth with you. The goal has never been, and will never be, to change you, “fix” you, or offend you. Instead, the goal is to impact you for the greater good of yours and my consciousness, to rewrite the narrative and say to hell with what you THINK you *should* be doing, and to inspire you to elevate your being into your highest self. I believe in the deepest crevices of my being that we are all one: with love, nature, time, and space. We all came Earthside to do this damn thing TOGETHER. So here I am – giving you what I know and giving you what I have been taught and continue to learn; sharing my mind and my soul. Knowledge is meant to be shared because that is when it becomes wisdom.

In 2019, I planted the seed of growth and made the *easy* decision to leave everything I knew behind, and turn the page toward my soul’s desire. For whatever reason, my soul said the damn desert. And to be fair, I have never in my 28 years wanted to live anywhere other than the HEAT. I had vacationed in Las Vegas, Nevada for three days and three nights in May. And on day one, upon exiting the parking garage at McCarran International Airport at 7:30 AM, I saw the purest of blue skies, the most golden warm sun, and my intuition said, “Welcome home!” It was then that I knew I was going to live here. It was when I called this place ‘Mars’ that I knew I belonged. For much of my childhood I moved from home to home – and never really felt like I *belonged*. And because of that I never felt like I had a home that made sense. I relied on my mother to be my home. I knew that no matter where we were, as long as she was within reach I was home. As I entered adulthood I knew I’d fly from that home and land in one of my own. I just never pictured it being 115° for an entire summer, or sunny every single day of my life. But when you know, you know. (I had heard this saying my whole life but until the puzzle pieces started fitting, you just really have no clue how true this is.) I stayed the course of my summer in Bristol, Indiana and let my life water the seed I planted 2,000 miles away. And man, did that flower bloom or what. In August the doorway to the garden opened and it felt like I was watching a movie. But I was the star, the writer, and the director. For the first time in my life, everything made sense. I would have been the biggest fool to keep downgrading myself for other people’s puzzles – when my puzzle had all the pieces. I gave myself the month of August to create the plan, execute the plan, and GO. I told myself if it was meant for me, it would be. And one month of laser focus and preparations later, I left for the desert – with my home waiting for me at the end of the journey. I spent two days traveling Route 66 and while everyone had an opinion of me traveling alone: “you’re going to be bored”, “it’s such a long drive”, “you need to take a friend”, BLAH BLAH BLAH is literally all I heard. 🤣 I had decided in August I would stop at NOTHING to have what I wanted. So I drowned out the opinions and marched on. I’d like to be the one to officially put this out there that that road trip was the single, most exhilarating road trip I have ever been on. And I’d do it 100x over – but maybe with less shit in my car. September 3 I arrived in Sin City, as tears rolled down my face and the song “Be Somebody” came on shuffle as I saw the entire valley lit up from afar. To this day I am still unable to find the words to properly elaborate this moment, as it was a moment I will never forget (sometimes I still shed tears when reminiscing.) Now I am not going to get into the details of the things I’ve experienced since then, you will have to wait for a book. Because to be frank: otherworldly, unexpected, and abundant only scrape the surface.

May 2019

Let’s fast forward. It’s March 2020, and a global pandemic has hit American soil forcing us to shut down our country and labeled over 40 million Americans as “non-essential”. Well, for one, we are all goddamn essential – even you Karen. And for two, talk about a curveball. But again, for the SECOND time in my life, and the second time within a 12 month period, I said to myself, “this is it.. the golden opportunity you have waited your whole life for.” Yep, you read that right. A global pandemic an opportunity? Blasphemy. Wrong. I’m going to ask you a question and I don’t want you to answer right away, I want you to stew on it and answer when you’re ready: when, in your lifetime, have you ever been given the opportunity to focus on your goals, dreams, desires, passions, needs, wants, etc.? Go ahead. Ask yourself. I’ll answer – never. We operate on other people’s agendas, to meet the demands of another’s needs. Schedules, errands, jobs, this that. Good Christ. Finally, we had the time to sit down, slow down, learn, grow, heal, evolve, create, no alarms, no demands, just be. It felt like I won the life lottery to be totally transparent. For 77 days I woke up and asked, “self, what would you like to do today?” If you’ve followed along this far, you’re a trooper. And if you’ve followed me along on this journey, then you know that my time in “isolation” was very well spent. The government can ground me anytime (as I said multiple times in those 77 days. 🤣)

In June I got the call that it was time to go back to work and I don’t think I have experienced that much devastation since living here. I was filled with fear. Working with the public in a pandemic was not a high priority, and leaving the lifestyle I had just created felt WRONG on so many levels. I knew I needed my income back, as I just sat at home for 77 days without a dollar. (Thanks, government – must be because I’m non-essential. 🌝) So I put my big girl panties on and went back to work – basically to see income for the first time since March. Because for every other reason I would’ve rather burned the mall down. The “new norm” as they labeled it was absolutely THEE most soul draining, mind boggling, energy sucking, toxic bullshit I had ever experienced. And maybe that’s because I spent 77 days living a pure, fulfilled life full of health, gratitude, and creation. Or maybe it’s because it was just straight up toxic. I’ll go ahead and let you decide. I won’t get into what I experienced because you’ll probably call OSHA and/or the CDC, but what I will tell you is that after seven weeks of feeling my soul being stripped apart layer by layer, I reached the limit on what I was WILLING to subject myself to and decided once again, to hell with what they told me I *should* do – I am going to do what my soul NEEDS to do. And it wasn’t that. I just spent 77 days aligning my mind, body, and spirit with a higher vibration, why was I going to shrink to make somebody else rich? Ha. The employee they hired and the employee they got after an isolation WERE NOT the same two people. The week of my 28th birthday I peacefully turned my keys into the safe on my lunch break – and never turned back. No explanation, no meetings, and no amount of words were going to change my mind. All you need to know is my keys are in the safe. It’s been two months of me being on lunch break and damn, this is the best lunch I have ever had.

This lunch break has provided me clarity, depth, growth, vision, evolution, alignment, higher consciousness, and most importantly, peace. It took me two whole weeks to reverse the damage of working for seven. I say reverse the damage because well, that’s quite literally what it was. Poor lifestyle habits because corporate America isn’t set up for you to be healthy. Sorry, folks! After two weeks I found myself right back into the structure of the lifestyle I had during my 77 day “sabbatical” (I like to call it that.) I felt back on track – aligned. In that time I have been able to dive into my purpose, my mission, my path. I have attracted every last blessing I have. I have visions that create a lifetime of abundance. I have gratitude that goes beyond words and extends into feeling and action. I have peace that grounds me in my struggles. I am leaping at my desires with confidence – knowing full well it isn’t *easy* but it is always WORTH it. If you have been waiting for a sign to take a risk, this is it. If you have been waiting for a signal to lean into the desire you’ve chosen to ignore, here it is. Green light.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. And everything you need is already resting dormant within you. I am not asking you to quit your job, Karen – so sit back down. But what I am asking of you is that you consider yourself in the highest of regard, acknowledge your divine being for all that it is worth, and give yourself the life you deserve. We are the creators of our own destiny and reality. And WE are the rulers in our galaxy. NOT that slobkabob CEO “working” from home while you’re scraping pennies up from the dust to pay rent and supplying his store with paper towel to clean up after Karen’s all day. All I know is I was not put here to make his dreams come true. And newsflash, neither were you. OKURT.

Bless your soul for making it this far. Every bit of time you give to me and my journey is a blessing I could never repay. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express depth and consciousness. The fun’s just begun!

Love & Light