It’s funny because if you told me a year ago that I would be living the life that I am, I am unsure how I would have reacted; probably something Switzerland. Today I woke up at 5:55, checked the time and fell back asleep. I entered a dream – I was on a road trip (surprise surprise), in the night driving through the desert in Arizona with lord knows who driving LMAO. Every car I passed had 1111 on the plate or side or just anywhere. A taxi, a van, a bus, street signs.. what a time!! When I woke up for the day, Leo Moon greeted me at the side of the pillow and I smiled a smile that was so.. grateful.

“Another day in paradise, Moon!”

Everyday for the past month I decided I was going to write down everything I was grateful for that day. I would throw in affirmations for a little pizazz. I would choose a color I was drawn to and for 20 minutes just let the gratitude flow – brainless. I am learning that gratitude is a practice. Gratitude is something we express – we must do. Your edges become softer. Your mind stops running at the speed of light. Your internal world gets brighter. Your external world becomes a place of love. The strangers passing by become friends. Your neighbors become family. And you become light.

Through the month I’ve been tested, challenged – lesson after lesson. (Really the last 28 years though LOL.) That’s all trials really ever are. And they’ll keep coming until you get it right. The point of the lessons is to understand the balance of flow, and stop reacting. Ever heard “go with the flow”? Ya. So basically. It’s 10 parts surrender, 10 parts discipline. I really refer to it as the basket weave. Some of my friends have heard me speak of this. You know on a basket, the pieces that hold the weave? And they bob in and out, but it’s so satisfying to the eye.. smooth and multidimensional – but strong and intentional. Surrender and discipline. The balance of the two creates harmony – a grateful heart and a mind in flow. Synchronize the two and things get easier – after all, you owe it to yourself to feel a little lighter. Fun fact – I fell in love with the appeal of baskets at a young age. Grandpa’s wife Linn was a master basket weaver for years, like.. MASTER.. and she always had them hanging up in their house and I would always want to be with them. I always loved that about her. And of course was starstruck by the baskets. Now it all makes sense. 😉

One year ago I showed up in the desert with all of my things in my Juke (shoutout Juul 🛸). I had a plan but I didn’t. I knew what was meant for me would come to me in my heart – but my mind questioned that sometimes. I was beginning to understand synchronicity and I knew that – so I trusted the process. I entered the same career field I had always been in. If you know me in my profession you know that I invest myself wholeheartedly and pour myself into the lives I connect with. I take pride in my work ethic and I cherish the time spent with those I teach – every single one of you. 🤍 I had struggled with “do I really want to do this forever?” for a few years. And not the connecting or teaching side – the robot side. And then March 17, 2020 I got my answer. A global pandemic. Who woulda thunk? 🤣 I saw this downtime as a long awaited opportunity. For a few years I had imagined a life where I did not have to do anything but be. How healthy could I be? How happy could I feel? What a true blessing to receive. The time and space to just be. I’m grateful for this opportunity. And I’m grateful for the challenges it has presented me. Of everything I have learned through this time – it would seem ‘gratitude’ is one of my favorites thus far.

Planet Hollywood – May 4 5:34 PM

365 days, a handful of road trips, hundreds of home cooked meals, six furniture layouts, one alien cat, one talking fish, one stolen desert cactus, three jobs, one global pandemic, countless connections, and several lessons later… my cup runneth over. Gratitude.

I challenge you to practice gratitude everyday for a month. Just trust and try. What do you have to lose?

Love & Light 🦋

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